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Calf Fly Tying Fur

Calf Fly Tying Fur - Troutcatchers

- Unveil an array of

Fly Tying Furs

 to Craft Your Fishing Flies effortlessly. Select from a Range of 4,000

Premium Fly Tying Materials

and Fly Tying Tools sourced from Leading Global Brands like

Veniard Fly Tying


Turrall Fly Tying

, and more.
Calf Body Hair
Calf Body Hair - Natural white body hair from Veniard approx 6x5cm skin. Very popular for Salmon and Sea Trout flies.
£ 5.37
Mixed Calf Tail
Mixed Calf Tail fly tying material supplied to troutcatchers from Veniard, a fly tying material you can have confidence in for your fly patterns.
Mixed Calf Tail - 6 pieces of popular colours of calf tail.
£ 9.57
Calf Tails
Calf Tails - Quality whole calf tails in natural white and dyed colours.
Choose from 10 popular calf tail colours.
£ 9.57