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Fly Tying Chenille

Fly Tying Chenille at Troutcatchers

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Chenille Sparkle - Micro
Chenille Sparkle - Micro - An exciting combination of chenille micro & interwoven strands of reflective polyester creating a Fritz / Chenille product. 1.3 meters length. Chenille Sparkle micro comes in a choice of 4 colours
£ 2.37
UV Straggle Chenille
UV Straggle Chenille - The same material as Ice straggle but with ultra violet strands running through it. Spooled for easy storage and convenience. Each spool holds 3m of standard or 4m of extra fine.
£ 2.87
Turbo Translucent Chenille
Turbo Translucent Chenille, the Chenille for tying the famous 'Blob' A huge seller, Turbo Translucent Chenille, 15mm Purely Translucent Strand Fibres, available in 5 Hot Colours including the most popular, Hot Orange, you will also find Turbo Black - each chenille is 2 meter in length and rolled on to a card for easy use.
£ 2.37
Suede Chenille
Suede Chenille, this chenille is a 'must have' product from Veniard. Suede Chenille has so many uses for all sorts of fly fishing flies including the famous 'Montana Nymph'. Suede Chenille available in a wide selection of colours.
£ 3.17
Rayon Chenille
Rayon Chenille, an attractive chenille with a silky finish. Rayon Chenille is ideal for Nymph bodies on a wide variety of Trout Flies. Rayon chenille is available in 2 Meters Lengths and 13 colour choices.
£ 2.57
Micro Cactus Chenille
Micro Cactus Chenille - Extremely fine 0.8mm diameter spooled pearl cactus chenille. Great for hot spots, thorax’s and bodies on small Trout flies. A choice of 13 Micro Cactus Chenille colour spools.
£ 2.67
Krystal Chenille
Krystal Chenille - A really dazzling body material. Made from Krystal Flash fibres makes a real difference to any Trout, Salmon or Saltwater fly.
Krystal Chenille 10mm fibres and available in 16 colours. 2mtr length.
£ 2.67
Ice Straggle Cactus Chenille
Ice Straggle Cactus Chenille - This long haired chenille will add life and sparkle to any lure. Spooled for easy storage and convenience. Each Ice Straggle Cactus Chenille spool holds 3m of standard or 4m of extra fine and comes with a choice of 12 colours.
£ 2.87
Glo Bright Suede Chenille
Glo Bright Suede Chenille - A really bright suede chenille. Available in all 16 colours of the Glo Bright range and comes in a 4mtr pack.
£ 3.17
Fluorescent Chenille
Fluorescent Chenille - Super bright Rayon style chenille. All colours are fluorescent under UV light. Great for all types of Trout flies but give it a go with Sea Trout and Salmon flies too.
Fluorescent Chenille available in 7 colours. 3mtr Pack.
£ 3.47
Extra Fine Vernille Chenille
Extra Fine Vernille Chenille - A super quality Fine Suede Chenille, also known as Ultra Chenille. The Extra Fine Vernille Chenille is approx. 1mm in diameter, half the size of normal Suede Chenille, comes in a length of 4.5 meters and 11 colour choices.
£ 3.17
Easy Dub Micro Chenille
Easy Dub Micro Chenille, a fantastic material, the easy way to produce a fine dubbed body effect. Micro Chenille is synthetic, extra strong, and very light. Excellent for dry flies and emergers, but can also be used for wets and nymphs when weighted. The Chenille colours can be blended by twisting two or more different shades together; also using the same method a larger chenille can be obtained. Easy Dub Micro Chenille comes in a 1.5 meter pack with a choice of 15 colours.
£ 3.17
Chenille Sparkle - Medium
Chenille Sparkle - Medium - An exciting combination of 2.5mm dia. chenille medium & interwoven strands of reflective polyester creating a Fritz / Chenille product. 1.3 meters length. Chenille Sparkle medium comes in a choice of 8 colours
£ 2.37
Cactus Chenille
Cactus Chenille - Dazzling body material made from Flashabou type fibres. Cactus Chenille has 32 options including 16 Colours & 2 Sizes. 2 meter length, standard 15mm fibres & fine 6mm fibres.
£ 2.37
Antron Sparkle Chenille
Antron Sparkle Chenille has bright translucent Antron fibres which are interspersed with pearl, the ideal chenille for streamer & tube bodies.
Antron Sparkle Chenille is available in 8 colours. Approx.: 2.7 Mtr lengths, 2mm diameter.
£ 4.37
Dennis the Menace Fritz Chenille
Dennis the Menace Fritz Chenille, a pearl and holographic fritz available in both standard 15mm fibres and extra-long straggle fibres.
This chenille is used for the famous Dennis the Menace Blob Fly - once tied, the fritz pulsates through the water proving irresistible to trout and to the fly angler! Also great for Boobies and Lures - Let your imagination run wild!
Dennis the Menace Fritz available in both types with a choice of 3 different colours, Black, Olive and Pearl, all with the famous red tinge.
£ 2.97
Turrall Chenille Micro
Turrall Chenille Micro, excellent for small trout flies, a simple way to simulate tightly dubbed bodies. Each Turrall pack contains a 2 meter length of dense fibred Micro Chenille bonded for extra strength, 2mm in diameter.
Turrall Chenille Micro available in 8 colours.
£ 2.37
Turrall Chenille Astra
Turrall Chenille Astra, the fibres are twice the density, bonded for extra strength and with a twinkle of pearl tinsel. Chenille Astra is a massive improvement over conventional chenille, 4 mm diameter and 2 metres long.
Turrall Chenille Astra available in 10 colours.
£ 2.37
Turrall UV Straggle Fritz
Turrall UV Straggle Fritz, a great makeover of this popular material in a very popular UV colour range. This UV Straggle Fritz is available in 12mm long fibres and 2 metres length.
Turrall UV Straggle Fritz available in 9 colours.
£ 2.77
Turrall UV Super Straggle
Turrall UV Super Straggle, a sensational version of Straggle Fritz with long mobile UV fibres to excite any predatory fish. This UV Super Straggle comes in 30mm long fibres and is 2 metres long.
Turrall UV Super Straggle available in 9 colours.
£ 2.77
Turrall UV Killer Fritz
Turrall UV Killer Fritz, a full-bodied Fritz which is proving deadly as the essential ingredient for Kennick Killers the brand new (and sensational) range of Turrall Flies. UV Killer Fritz comes in 15mm long fibres, 2 metres in length.

Turrall UV Killer Fritz available in 9 colours.
£ 2.77
Micro UV Polar Chenille
Micro UV Polar Chenille, imported from Hareline USA, Micro UV Polar Chenille a version of the popular UV polar chenille.
Tie smaller patterns like scuds, nymphs, and really cool saltwater patterns. An excellent body material for smaller patterns. All colors are UV rated, and really light up your flies.
Used by top fly tyer 'Russell Symons (trout fisherman) for his 'Senator Purple Fly' - Russell's secret weapon when all around are struggling!!

Micro UV Polar Chenille available in 13 popular colours, 4 yards per pack.
£ 3.47
Medium UV Polar Chenille
Medium UV Polar Chenille, imported from Hareline USA, Medium UV Polar Chenille a version of the popular Micro UV Polar Chenille.
This UV hued fly tying chenille has medium size loose fibers (1/2" Long) that works the water like marabou. Incorporate into any pattern for a denser, buggier and livelier movement in the water. 3 yards per package.

Medium UV Polar Chenille available in 14 popular colours
£ 4.57