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Cortland Copolymer Nylon Tippet

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Strength - 6238 :

Cortland Copolymer Nylon Tippet –  Premium performance nylon tippet material, with a low-glare finish.

Cortland Copolymer Nylon Tippet super-strong and highly abrasion resistant, the high tensile strength, controlled stretch and smooth finish are a perfect combination, providing more suppleness with outstanding knot strength. Choice of 6 strengths in 50 yard spools & 2 strengths (12.9lb & 15.5lb) 30 yards.

Cortland Copolymer Nylon Tippet just one of the amazing 'Premium quality Cortland fly fishing products' troutcatchers stock.
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Strength - 6238 : 4.2lb - 6X - 30yd
Good quality item.
Benjamin N.