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Cortland Dab Fly Floatant

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Cortland Dab Fly Floatant – Best Selling Silicon Gel, packaged in a handy flip-top tub. Ideal for reconditioning dry flies to get them floating high in the water.

Cortland Dab Fly Floatant apply a small amount of dab to your dry fly, leader, and tippet to promote floatation. The Cortland Dab floatant comes in a small tub with an easy open flip top lid.

Cortland Dab Fly Floatant just one of the amazing 'Premium quality Cortland fly fishing products' troutcatchers stock.
Customer reviews
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I may have gotten the last two for sale on any internet store. Thanks!!
Chris S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Cortland DAB is the best fly floatant on te planet. But Cortland told me that they will stop the production of it. That it is sad.
Arve Herman Tangen.