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Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet – provides high strength and abrasion resistance, low underwater visibility and excellent knot strength for fishing in situations where extreme stealth is required.

Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet 30 yard  (27mtr) spool of clear Fluorocarbon Leader / Tippet, manufactured in Japan, and assembled in the USA. The Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet is a superb subsurface, low visibility leader material available in the following strengths:
Size Break Strength
 7X 2lb
 6X 3.1lb
 5X 4lb
 4X 5.5lb
3X 7lb
 2X 9lb
1X 10Ib
 0X 12lb

.Cortland Fluorocarbon Tippet just one of the amazing 'Premium quality Cortland fly fishing products' troutcatchers stock including the Famous 'Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet'.
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Option : : 9lb - 2X
What can onesay? it is what it is!
Walter R.
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Option : : 5.5ib - 4X
Simon g.
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Option : : 3.1lb - 6X
Simon g.
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Option : : 7lb - 3X
Bit expensive.
Michael Y.