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Cortland Leader Loops

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Cortland Leader Loops designed to attach to your fly line, making it easy to add your leader material using the loop to loop method.

Cortland Slip On Leader Loops built from Cortland braided monofilament. Slide over the tip of your fly line, push the braid together so it swells, then inch in the fly line, repeat, repeat and repeat again... Once all the way in, tug to set the braid. Then choose how to finish, the pack comes with shrink tubing, just cut a small piece of tubing and slide a piece on, push up, then with a heat source, like a hair dryer, not a naked flame! (keep fingers away!!) shrink to secure - Or use a nail knot, or / and super glue.... whatever your preference.
Cortland Leader loop contains 4 per loops and heat shrink tubing. Choice of Sinking or Floating Loops 30lb test.

Cortland Leader Loops just one of the amazing premium quality Cortland fly fishing items troutcatchers stock.

More information on how to set up your fly line, loops etc can be found on the troutcatcher website.

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Option : Floating - Clear - 30lb
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