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Cortland Tippet Rings

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Cortland Tippet Rings – Fly Leader Tippet Rings. Light enough for dry flies, perfect for droppers and great for building tapered leaders.

Cortland Tippet Rings are made from high quality stainless steel and finished in stealthy nickel black. The Tippet Rings are the perfect solution for super-fast rigging of leader to tippet connections, saving the length of the leader. Also a perfect partner to Cortland Indicator Mono. Strong and lightweight, perfect for dry fly, nymphing and streamer fishing.
Each pack contains 10 rings plus a swivel & clip with a choice of either 2mm or 3mm rings.  Use the swivel to attach to a Zinger and put all the rings on to the Clip - Tie before unclipping to prevent dropping and losing! Also a huge benefit is you can build tapered leaders or dropper set ups in the comfort of your home without wet, cold fingers!

Cortland Tippet Rings just one of the amazing 'Premium quality Cortland fly fishing products' troutcatchers stock.