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Ephemera Silk Calzolari Selection

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Ephemera Silk Calzolari Selection - all 16 Ephemera Pure Fly Tying Silk colours supplied in a handy box.

Ephemera Pure Fly Tying Silk

-  At last a replacement for Pearsall Gossamer Fly Tying Silk which is sadly no longer available – However early reviews indicate tyers would choose Ephemera Pure Silk rather than the Pearsalls Gossamer Silk if both were available, its that good!

Ephemera Pure Silk

manufactured in Paris France by Au Ver á Soie, superb for even the most demanding wet fly and classic fly dresser when tying spiders and wets in North Country style. It is also an excellent choice for tying classic salmon flies. Thin and resistant, Ephemera Pure Silk is available in a wide range of bright, shiny colours, selected and developed with the collaboration of experts and representative classic fly tiers.

Au Ver a Soie Ephemera Silk

is also ideal for wrapping snake and agate guides on bamboo and fiberglass rods which will give the perfect finish. Easy to use, it is undoubtedly the most versatile pure silk on the market today.

These are pure silk threads manufactured in France by the historical embroidery company Au Ver A Soie which has been producing fine silk threads since 1820. To ensure uniformity and great colour saturation, Ephemera Pure Silks are dyed in floats (full hanks), the extremely high quality artisan production process guarantee a perfect uniformity of colours.

As with Pearsall Gossamer Fly Tying Silk, this material will benefit from waxing which helps preserve your flies (stops them rotting as silk is a natural material). Whilst they are not an exact copy of the original Pearsall Gossamer Fly Tying Silk colours, they are however very close to the familiar shades we have enjoyed in the past. Popular examples include the "Golden Yellow” very close to the original No.4, "Orange” ideal for a Partridge & Orange – or try the "Burnt Orange” in place of the old No. 19 – Pearsall Hot Orange.

Ephemera Pure Fly Tying Silk comes on beautiful wooden spools with a centre drilled hole of which you will find they fit a normal sized bobbin holder. Each spool comes with a very generous 100 metes of Silk, a true three strand twist in strength.

Ephemera Silk Calzolari Selection contains one of each (Ephemera Pure Fly Tying Silks are also available individually):
  • Ephemera Silk #3056 – ASH GREY
  • Ephemera Silk #4106 – BLACK
  • Ephemera Silk #4124 – BROWN
  • Ephemera Silk #633 – BURNT ORANGE
  • Ephemera Silk  #1316 – CLARET
  • Ephemera Silk #2400 – GOLDEN OLIVE
  • Ephemera Silk #544 – GOLDEN YELLOW
  • Ephemera Silk #2126 – GREEN
  • Ephemera Silk #524 – LIGHT OLIVE
  • Ephemera Silk #625 – ORANGE
  • Ephemera Silk #F15 – PRIMROSE
  • Ephemera Silk #2644 – PUCE (BRICK RED)
  • Ephemera Silk #3336 – PURPLE
  • Ephemera Silk #925 – RED
  • Ephemera Silk #4924 – ROYAL BLUE
  • Ephemera Silk #4096 – WHITE
Ephemera Pure Fly Tying Silk, just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials in stock with troutcatchers.
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