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Flashabou Dubbing

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Turrall Flashabou Dubbing

 - Enhance your fly tying with irresistible, lifelike flies! Experience enhanced texture and shimmer that attracts even the most discerning of fish!

Turrall Flashabou, meticulously crafted to elevate your fly tying creations. This versatile Fly Tying Material offers superior shimmer, durability, and a range of vibrant colours, amplifying the allure of your flies. Perfect for both novice and seasoned fly tyers, this pack includes 0.4 grams of Fly Tying Dubbing Material. A fly angler’s go-to choice, it’s a must-have addition to your material collection. Troutcatchers stocking this 5 STAR Premium fly tying material since 2002, ensuring your fly tying endeavors reach new heights.

Flashabou Dubbing Ideas!
  • Flashabou Streamer: A flashy pattern ideal for targeting aggressive trout.
  • Nymph Flash: Mimics aquatic insects, drawing attention from discerning fish.
  • Flashabou Woolly Bugger: A classic pattern with added shine to entice strikes.
Turrall Flashabou Dubbing just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials & Fly Tying Tools that troutcatchers have in stock, order with confidence being assured of a 5 Star Service and Price Guarantee.
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Nice to tie with, looks great!
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Look good product.
Robert b.