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Flycasting Skills by John Symonds & Philip Maher

Flycasting Skills by John Symonds & Philip Maher

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Flycasting Skills Book, for beginner and expert.

Flycasting, that key pre-requisite to all successful trout and salmon fishing, can be a stumbling block for many anglers. The "Flycasting Skills Book" With casting instructors Symonds and Maher, help you become a master of the fly rod. Whatever your present abilities, this book will leave you with the perfect casting skills for all situations. Clear and well-illustrated, this guidebook will show you, step-by-step, how to execute all the casts you will ever need: from basic Overhead cast to Double-handed Spey cast, and from the simple Roll cast to the flamboyant Snake cast, and many more.
Packed with useful tips on:
-which cast to use and when
-how to improve your casting techniques
-how to correct bad habits
-latest casts from around the world
-advice on best casting rods, reels and fly lines

"Flycasting Skills Book" will transform your casting skills whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced flyfisher.
Flycasting Skills Book : Author John Symonds & Philip Maher : Illustrator John Symonds : Published March 2013 : Format 246 x 189mm : Hardback : pages 96 : 91 colour illustrations.
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Kevin m.
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Another good book.
Ronald R.
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John s.
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Now then, Having had a tutorial with the Double Hander on the Cork Blackwater with JohnO' and Damian well done lads, (hope to meet up again next year). in September this Book is the next step, anyone with an interest in Spey casting this is the real deal well done. Can't get over the cost for such imformative work , a real treat.
Michael T.