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Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett

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Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett, there has long been a divide between fly fishing and coarse fishing - but there is no reason for it! Over 3 million people in Britain fish one way or the other - and there is growing interest in combining these two major areas of the sport. Flyfishing for Coarse Fish will appeal to both fly and coarse anglers wanting to try something new.

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish shows how virtually any fish will take a fly, you can see it 'as it happens' and the fight of a fish on a fly rod is nothing short of sensational. The Book demonstrates how to fly fish for each different species: the techniques, the flies, and the tackle.
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Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett
- Existing fly fishers looking for a fresh challenge are already exploring the fun and fresh possibilities of new species.

- Coarse anglers are discovering the advantages of catching their favourite species in this exciting and intimate way.
- Those wanting to introduce coarse fishing youngsters to the art of fly fishing, at a fraction of the cost.
- Those living in areas where fly fishing would not otherwise be available, or at such an affordable price.

Format: 246 x 189mm :Binding Hardback : No. of pages 224 : 300 colour photographs.

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett - Review by

"What a breath of fresh air – TFF contributor Dominic Garnett knows his subject matter well. 
Every coarse fish can be caught on the fly and Dom tells you how. With plenty of photos and top tips this book makes you want to go fishing!"

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett - Review by

"Although this seems like a book for either coarse anglers converting to fly or fly fishers, I think this book is more specifically aimed at game anglers adding coarse fish to their diet. Garnett gives a simple introduction to aspects of tackle but makes no attempt to explain casting, so a coarse fisher cannot pick this up and start using a fly rod. However, to anyone who knows a little about fly fishing, who can cast a fly rod and line, this could well open a few new fishing opportunities and challenges.

Garnett is very readable, his background as a magazine writer is echoed in the design of this book, so we see a main text, with information panels, long explanatory captions by series of photos. I can think of few magazine techniques which have not been used on these pages. Fly tying sequences? That’s covered, too! That style of design and Garnett’s enthusiastic writing makes this a lively likeable book; I don’t grit my teeth and read through the dull bits, I’m taken by interesting titbits and serious points every time I turn a page.

The information is organised around species, large and small. Garnett suggests tackle, tactics and flies, offers a little information about lifecycle and feeding habits and a load of encouragement to get fishing for them.

As I read I found myself listing the species I would travel for. In my part of the UK we have two coarse species, pike and perch. To fish for the rest of the species Garnett enthuses about would mean a long road trip. I already travel to fish in the UK for trout, sea trout, salmon and grayling so I guess I am essentially a game angler, although I regard myself as a fly fisher and have fished for coarse species when the chance presented itself. Would I add rudd, dace or roach to the list of species I would travel for? I doubt it: I’ve caught rudd and roach and can’t say they were exactly thrilling. Pike, carp, barbel, I probably would make the effort for the promise of good sport"
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Fly fishing for coarse fish is not new the irish have been doing it for years this book is a very good way of promoting fly fishing at a resonable cost thta is the reason i just taken up pike fly fishing and fly tying.

Very best reguards steve
steve welham Review collected by SoapBox