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Flytying for Beginners by Barry Ord Clarke

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Flytying for Beginners

 by Barry Ord Clarke - Learn all the basic flytying skills via 12 popular fly patterns.

Following up on the extremely popular 'The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques' book by Barry, this new and exceptionally clear, easy-to-use beginner’s guide to fly tying book shows you step by step how to exactly create universal fishing flies. Each of the 12 fly patterns is linked by QR code ( "Quick Response” – a barcode you can access with your mobile phone via an app) to a YouTube video showing the author, Barry Ord Clarke, tying the fly in question. Checkout 'The feather Bender Channel' here. You can even message Barry via this channel with any questions you may have!
Complementing this book you can also invest in Barry's Fly Tying Material pack so you'll have everything you need.

Flytying for Beginners contains the following 12 key trout patterns demonstrating the most important and common flytying techniques.

Flying Ant Elk Hair Caddis  The F-Fly Hare’s Ear Nymph
Copper Nymph Pheasant Tail Nymph Hair Wing Dun Klinkhamer
Montana Nymph Woolly Bugger Zebra Midge Zonker

The 'Flytying for Beginners' book also includes Barry's recommendations for a beginner's flytying kit and materials with lots of useful advice and tips.
  • TITLE: Flytying for Beginners
  • AUTHOR: Barry Ord Clarke
  • PUBLICATION DATE: 2 September 2021
  • BINDING: Laminated boards
  • FORMAT: 245 x 189 mm
  • PAGES: 128 pp
  • ILLUSTRATIONS: 383 Colour photographs, 3 Black & white photographs
"Barry has been voted Fly Tyer Magazine’s Fly Tyer of the Year 2021. The prestigious award honours the exceptional international contribution Barry has made to the world of fly tying with his innovative approach of linking his clear step-by-step tying instructions in book-form to his popular YouTube channel videos which then show him tying EXACTLY the same fly online. This ground-breaking ‘pairing’ is a first in the world of fly tying instruction"

Flytying for Beginners
, from author himself!
"This is a guide book for those totally new to the art of tying flies. Until now, learning flytying from a book has not only been challenging, but often the cause of great frustration, with photographs or diagrams making even the elementary techniques difficult to grasp. Step-by- step images help a reasonably proficient flytyer understand the stages in making a fly, but for the new beginner, there will always be a gap between each step-by-step image, which can be bewildering! Seeing the manual manoeuvres that take place in these blank spaces can make the difference between success and failure for a new beginner.
For this reason, I aim to take learning flytying to a whole new level via this book. I want to make the essential techniques and skills required easier to master than ever before.
The techniques you will learn in this book are the building blocks on which all successful fishing flies, even the most complex ones, are based. Follow my recommendations for tools and materials, pay special attention to fly proportions and first watch the videos of me demonstrating the relevant techniques before you start to tie each fly. Then with a little patience and a good deal of practice, you will soon be tying beautiful flies.
  • Each technique and pattern in this beginners’ book has a five stage tutorial.
  • Guidance and instruction on all tools, materials and techniques used for each pattern.
  • The very best step-by-step images to illustrate every single stage in great detail, from attaching the thread to the finished fly.
  • Explanatory text for each step-by-step image that leads you through each technique and pattern.
  • Unique among beginners’ books, each pattern is supported by a Quick Response (QR) code, which instantly links you to my You Tube channel and the accompanying video for each fly pattern. Here you can watch me tie that pattern. Video is an ideal medium to see any special procedure or technique at first-hand, before you start to tie using the book.
  • You can also send me your questions in the comments box of each instructional video, if you are struggling, need advice or just have a query!
If you follow the instructions carefully, and use the book correctly, along with its online support, you can master techniques, proportions, uniformity and perfection in your flytying"

Early Reviews of Flytying for Beginners
  • ‘For anyone who follows Barry’s regular blog and flytying videos on YouTube, this book is an essential addition. For those who don’t know Barry’s work, this would be a great introduction to someone who I consider to be amongst the world’s best modern flytyers.’ – Flydresser magazine
  • ‘I can’t recall another project like this crossing my desk. Highly recommended.’ – Flyfishing & Flytying magazine
  • ‘Barry is the consummate flytyer, possibly the best that I have been fortunate to have encountered over my years of tying. His style of fly- tying is unique, and he produces what is close to, in my opinion, the perfect fly. Bound to be a true modern classic.’– Freshwater Fishing, Australia
  • ‘When a great photographer, fly tyer and instructor writes a book, it’s likely to become a great book.’– Global Flyfisher
  • ‘Barry’s most innovative book to date. I struggle to label this book as one for beginners or one for experts: I see it as a book for every flytyer, at every level.’ – Fly Line magazine, Italy
  • ‘The whole thing is genius! First to be able to watch Barry tie the fly and then later, in your own time, to go through the ‘step-by-step guide’ while you tie. This book is for everyone who ties flies – from beginners to full-blown professionals. – Flugfishe I Norden 
  • ‘In addition to the beautiful photographs, Barry has enlisted modern technology. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the relevant page and up will pop a video showing Barry tying the very pattern. – Orvis USA.
About the Author of Flytying for Beginners, Barry Ord Clarke:
Born in England, Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally-acclaimed fly tyer, photographer and author. He has won medals in the world’s most prestigious fly tying competitions, and his own flies can be seen in the iconic Flyfishers’ Club collection in London and in the Catskill Master Fly Collection in the Catskill Museum in the United States.
In 2016, he was awarded the coveted Claudio D’Angelo award for Best International Fly Tyer. In 2018, he completed seven years’ work with Marc Petitjean for the book Petitjean CDC.
For the past 25 years he has lived in Norway where he works as a professional photographer and fly tying consultant for Mustad, and Veniard Ltd.
You can find Barry’s fly tying demonstrations on his successful blog and YouTube channel, The Feather Bender. An example of the flytying for Beginners 'Pheasant Tail Nymph' video:-

All the fly tying materials and fly tying tools in the book can be ordered from troutcatchers range of over 4,000 fly tying items.
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Very clear for a beginner.
Antony m.
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Excellent book which I have wanted for some time.
Rodney C.
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Excellent, well illustrated book. I found the QR codes linking to videos of great benefit. A picture is worth a thousand words. Thoroughly recommend this book. Only two left when I ordered. I'm glad I didn't dally.
David S.