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Grouse Complete Body
Grouse Complete Body Skin with wings & tail. Grouse, a classic fly tying material used in the traditional patterns. This body skin is great for winging material, nymph legs and wet fly soft hackle among many other uses - a super investment.
£ 49.37
(-10.00%) £ 44.43
Grouse Whole Wings (Per Pair)
Grouse Whole Wings, brown and tan mottled feathers make them a very good, traditional fly tying material.
Grouse Whole Wings - Pair from Veniard.
£ 7.97
(-10.00%) £ 7.17
Grouse Speckled Centre Tails
Grouse Speckled centre tails, an absolute essential material when tying your Grouse and (various colours) fishing fly. Veniard Grouse Speckled Centre tail comes in packs of 6 feathers, each feather approx 12cm in length.
£ 5.87
(-10.00%) £ 5.28
Grouse Body Plumage
Grouse body plumage, brown and black mottled feathers used for hackles, legs and wing cases. Grouse plumage a traditional fly material for wet flies, spiders, nymphs and caddis flies etc.
Grouse Body plumage from Veniard 2gram pack.
£ 3.37
(-10.00%) £ 3.03