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Hackling Tools

Stonfo Hackle Plier 1 503
Stonfo Hackle pliers traditional hackle pliers with a soft touch handle.
£ 5.77
Stonfo Revolving Hackle Plier 462
Stonfo Revolving Hackle Pliers enables a continuous winding of the hackle at maximum speed. The shock-absorber spring prevent the frequent breakages of the hackle.
£ 7.87
Rotary Hackle Plier
Rotary Hackle Pliers - a hackle plier which grips the hackle, the Turrall Premium Hackle Revolving Hackle Plier is made with brass fittings and Satin Wood Handle. Create stunning hackles with greater control due to the rotating action.
£ 4.07
Marc Petitjean Hackle Plier
Marc Petitjean Hackle Plier, specially designed to grip up to 3 CDC feathers at a time. The spring grip system on the Marc Petitjean Hackle Plier does not damage the stems yet holds them firmly. Plier comes with instructions.
£ 29.27
Long Nose Hackle Pliers
Long Nose Hackle Pliers - Long nosed hackle pliers are ideal for larger hackles. American design.
£ 2.27
English Hackle Pliers
English Hackle Pliers - Our most popular hackle pliers. A traditional English design.
£ 2.27
Hackle Guard
Hackle Guard - A useful tool for finishing the head of a fly. Once you have tied in your hackle and you want to apply varnish to the head of your fly use the hackle guard to keep the hackle fibres clear of the varnish.
£ 2.07
Ezee Hackle Pliers
Ezee Hackle Pliers, the hackle is held in a spring loaded wire loop that is released by pushing the base towards the wire loop. Very easy to use and forgiving on delicate hackles.
£ 2.27