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Hemingway Caddis Pupae Bodies

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Hemingway Caddis Pupae Bodies are ideal for easy and flawless fly tying, perfectly imitating the true shape and silhouette of the Caddis fly.

Hemingway Caddis Pupae Bodies Fly Tying Material for Caddis Flies of which can be quickly and simply created, they are excellent floaters as the bodies are hollow and contain air bubbles, so when tied, act like a buoyancy aid keeping your fly on the surface. Flexible and soft so easy to tie in,


Hemingway's Tube Body Caddis Pupa bodies 10 in a pack with a choice of six colours and three sizes. A rough guide would be Small for hook size #10 -14 Medium #8 -10 and Large #8+ But they can be cut to your preference.

Hemingway Caddis Pupae Bodies, from the huge range of Hemingway Fly Fishing Products and over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials troutcatchers have in stock.
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