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Hemingway Tube Mayfly Bodies - Small

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Hemingway Tube Mayfly Bodies - Small, these mayfly bodies are made from a material which is ideal for easy and flawless fly tying, perfectly imitating the true shape and silhouette of the fly, such as the Mayfly and Caddis.

Tying with Hemingway Tube Mayfly Bodies, flies can be quickly and simply created and they are excellent floaters as the bodies are hollow and contain air bubbles, so when tied, act like a buoyancy aid keeping your fly on the surface. The bodies are flexible and soft and easy to tie in and come in a range colours, something for all stages of the Mayfly hatch. Perfect with Hemingway Mayfly Wings

Hemingway Tube Mayfly Bodies available in two sizes;-
- Small size: approx 14-16 hook size, 10 bodies per pack

Available colors: Yellow, Light Yellow, Cream Orange, Tan, Rzav River, Djetinja River

Hemingway Tube Mayfly Bodies, from the huge range of Hemingway Fly Fishing Products and over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials troutcatchers have in stock.
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1087-Choice : 1087-Cream Orange
Highly impressed.
John b.
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1087-Choice : 1087-Light Yellow
My favourite tying materials. Had great ducess with there last year.
Edwin M.
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Great product makes great mayfly patterns
creates very lifelike mayfly patterns with out hassle
graham barker Review collected by SoapBox