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Latex Mayfly / Daddy Bodies - MAY

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Latex Mayfly / Daddy Bodies MAY - Pure latex fly tying materials. One of Troutcatchers TOP SELLERS. When tied to hooks these represent perfect, air-filled bodies to float in the surface film.
Excellent for Mayflies, Daddy Long Legs and Emerger patterns.

The Latex Mayfly / Daddy Bodies are very easy to use, Turrall give the following advice, cut off the tip of the body leaving a small hole to insert tail material (pheasant tail is good) then seal the hole with a waterproof adhesive. Hold it without pressing too hard or all the air might be expelled, then tie on to the hook shank, keeping it upright. That’s really all there is to it.

Turrall Latex Mayfly / Daddy Bodies 6 Bodies per pack. Note - Illustration shows whole fly - the item you are purchasing is Fly Tying Material, the latex body.

Latex Mayfly / Daddy Bodies just one of over 4,000 quality Fly Tying Materials in stock, perfect when used with Daddy Long Legs - Fly Tying Material
Customer reviews
Not quite what I expected. Just hollow bits of tubing.
Michael W.
Thank you for your review, not too sure what you were expecting, we have sent you instructions on how to tie these bodies, Im sure once you master them, you'll find them very simple to use and master on the water. However if you wish to return, then no problem - let us know what you are after, we can exchange.
Paul K.
Terence o.
Gerald C.
Very well made .
William f.
Ok this was my fault but i ordered from the photo and thought i was getting flies not a time of latex.
Steve f.
Thank you for your review, description - Illustration shows whole fly - the item you are purchasing is the latex body.
No problem returning, and we can sort the flies for you.
Easy to work with.
Dean H.
Brill idea,easy to use,can be coloured beautifully with Promarkers
Ron McCormick Review collected by SoapBox
Excellant product
very cheap but very usefull
sean Review collected by SoapBox