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Fly Line Trays

Fly Fishing Line Trays

- Organise Fly Lines with precision using High-Quality Fly Line Trays improve your casting and presentation, plus keeping your fly line in top condition. When retrieving your fly line in your tray, coil the line as neat as possible minimising tangles enabling it to shoot unimpeded through rod rings to achieve maximum distance. Also make sure your line is in top condition by using a line cleaner.
Snowbee Stripping Basket - 19381
Snowbee Stripping Basket - new, hard plastic Stripping Basket so popular with saltwater and reservoir fly anglers. The Snowbee Stripping Basket is lightweight, with adjustable waist belt and neck support strap. Tapered line control turrets in the base, to prevent fly lines tangling.
£ 64.99
(-10.03%) £ 58.47
Wychwood Line Tray
Wychwood Line Tray helps protect your fly line from grit and dirt being trodden into the coating of the line as well as significantly helping your casting.

Wychwood Line Tray Features:
- Lightweight, pre-formed fly line tray to prevent your running line from snagging
- Manufactured from PVC mesh with stiffened frame
- Excellent drainage and extremely comfortable to use throughout the day
- Essential for fishing sinking lines when wading
- Adjustable waist belt
- 2 elasticated pouch pockets
£ 13.99
(-10.15%) £ 12.57
Snowbee Line Tray - 19382
The Snowbee Line Tray, the best Line Tray design on the market and a troutcatcher top seller.
The Line tray has a mesh base with a fold down base board which holds the tray open when in use, preventing water filling the tray from below, and tangling the line, when deep wading or Saltwater Fly fishing. This gives the huge benefits of being able to cast a lot further, and stopping your line floating away when wading, or if on a muddy bank preventing the line getting dirty.
The Snowbee Line Tray folds flat against your body when not in use, and is also ideal for transportation. The adjustable webbing belt has quick release buckles. There is also a Velcro Pocket inside, to take leaders etc.
£ 32.97