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Loon Water Based Head Cement System

Loon Outdoors
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The Loon Water Based Head Cement System is fast penetrating and quick drying. No solvents or toxic vapours. When precision really matters, Loon has a system all laid out for you. With the applicator cap and needle of the Water-Based Head Cement System, an exact placement of the cement without inconvenient globs and spills is easily achieved.

Description, a thin, odorless, non-toxic water-based Head Cement with applicator system for precise applications. Never breathe toxic or smelly fumes again.

Thin head cement
Dries clear
Odor free
Water based
Comes with applicator needle for precision tying

Directions for use
Attach applicator needle to bottle or use applicator brush on lid. Apply desired amount to fly with applicator needle or applicator brush. When finished, cover applicator needle with supplied cap or replace lid to resist drying of cement.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Seems to do the job well.
Chris W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works great and dries clear making it better than super glue.
William Y.
Shopping Satisfaction
This is new product to me, haven't used it before, but think it will be ok.
Klaus M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Works a treat.
Harry L.
Shopping Satisfaction
John Brendan G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very easy to use.
Jim P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good product.
Hugh m.
Shopping Satisfaction
Not used as yet.
Tim B.
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