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Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder

Marc Petitjean
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Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder - Hailed as the Bobbin of Bobbins. You could thread this bobbin without even looking and can also adjust the thread tension to your liking.

Thread spool replacement is easy on the Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder because of its smooth finish & ergonomic design. The Marc Petitjean Bobbin Holder incorporates a wire loop for thread dubbing loops and spins an axis. Made of stainless steel, the Bobbin Holders features include; easy thread through system; fine thread control; twister feature of which makes it perfectly balanced.
(Thread not included)
As you would expect from the Master fly tyer Marc Petitjean, a stunning Bobbin Holder to match his excellent fly tying tools.

Marc Petitjean TT Bobbin Holder Features
- Ergonomic design
- Smooth finish
- Stainless Steel
- Easy thread through system
- Fine thread control
- Twister feature
- Perfectly balanced

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic bobbin holder and very easy to use.
Ian P.
Shopping Satisfaction
All though expensive well made easy to tread I am very pleased with the performance and the smooth operation of the bobbin.
Trevor H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great design, but takes a bit of getting used to, Once you have the hang of using it, it’s great.
Dale R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Top class bobbin holder would recommend it but a bit pricey..
Glen M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Pricey but worth it.
Paul K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Superb quality tool. Expensive but well worth it.
Peter M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great piece of kit, a dream to use.
Keith C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent ! worth the money.