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Mayfly Nymph - Fly Box Filler

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Mayfly Nymph - Fly Box Filler

Mayfly Nymph - Fly Box Filler all the fly tying materials you need to tie Russ Symons 

Mayfly Nymph

Mayfly Nymph - Fly Box Filler Fly Tying Materials :

- Hook: Size 10 Kamasan B200 (25 pack)
- Thread: UTC 140, white
- Underbody: Veniard medium lead wire
- Thorax cover and legs: Pheasant tail fibres
- Tail and abdomen rings: Pheasant tail fibres
- Body: Cream/off-white/mayfly dubbin

Download the Mayfly Nymph Tying Sequence, Tying Tips, Leader Set Up.......

Troutcatchers sponsors Russ Symons "Fly Box Fillers" in the Trout Fisherman magazine, where you can find advice and fly tying materials to help you land more fish on the Bank - Full of tactics, fly tying tips and diagrams.... this is a must read.