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Olive Fritz Gold Head Mini Lure Trout Fishing Fly

Olive Fritz Gold Head Mini Lure Trout Fishing Fly

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OLIVE FRITZ GOLD HEAD MINI LURE TROUT FISHING FLIES from Troutcatchers tied with the very best fly tying materials from Veniard, Whiting, etc. & tied by world class professionally trained fly tiers.
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2384-Size : 2384-#10 (L57)
Don’t know why, but these flies ( gold heads) won’t sink? Don’t know if it’s the fritz but literally unsinkable.
Well made, just don’t know what the materials have been treated with. Will use them as a surface disturbance pattern later in the season!
David G.
Thank you for your review, if you have any issues with any product, just get back in touch. All flies, especially lures with lots of material wont sink unless they are wet, give them a good 'dunking' this adds a huge amount of weight and with the gold head they will sink.
You can also add 'Xink' if required, but shouldn't need it with this fly.
Hope this helps.