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Fly Tying Scissors

Fly Tying Scissors at Troutcatchers

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Fly Tying Tools

 to Craft Your Fishing Flies Effortlessly. Select from a Range of 4,000 Premium Fly Tying Materials and Fly Tying Tools sourced from Leading Global Brands like

Veniard Fly Tying


Turrall Fly Tying

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Veniard Solingen Scissors
Veniard Solingen Scissors - Available in straight or curved. Solingen Scissors are Veniard basic fly tying scissors.
£ 5.87
(-10.00%) £ 5.28
Fine Point Scissors
Fine Point Scissors - Fine point are now our most popular scissors. Top quality stainless steel and manufactured in Japan. One blade on the Fine Point Scissors is serrated to eliminate slipping.
£ 15.97
(-10.00%) £ 14.37
Tough Point Scissors
Tough Point Scissors - A larger more robust version of our best selling Fine point scissors from Veniard. These Tough Point Scissors are perfect for tougher jobs.
£ 16.57
(-10.00%) £ 14.91
Veniard Tungsten Carbide Scissors
Veniard Tungsten Carbide Scissors, according to Veniard fly tying consultants; these are some of the finest fly-tying scissors available on the market today. As one of the most important purchases a tier makes these scissors cut with great precision and smoothness, and should last a lifetime.
Tungsten Carbide Scissors come with a black handle and silver blades; this is one fly tying tool that you should not be without!
£ 16.57
(-10.00%) £ 14.91
Gold Loop Razor Scissors
Gold Loop Razor Scissors - 4" Fine-point Scissors from Veniard. Serrated "razor sharp’ blades and screw adjustment for critical tensioning.
£ 20.07
(-10.00%) £ 18.06
Marc Petitjean Small Scissor
Marc Petitjean Small Scissor, curved scissors. These scissors from the famous Marc Petitjean tool range have a simple yet functional design, perfect for curved hooks. Stainless scissors, the Marc Petitjean Small Curved Scissors are one of the finest and sharpest scissors on the market.
£ 55.67
(-10.00%) £ 50.10
Marc Petitjean Medium Scissor
Marc Petitjean Medium Scissors, straight scissors, ideal for cutting sraight CDC bodies. Stainless scissors, Marc Petitjean Medium Scissors are one of the finest and sharpest scissors on the market.
£ 63.57
(-10.00%) £ 57.21
Marc Petitjean Large Scissor
Marc Petitjean Large Scissor, perfect for cutting straight in one run - ideal for using with the Marc Petijean Magic Tools. Stainless scissors, the Petitjean Large Scissors are one of the finest and sharpest scissors on the market. Made in Switzerland.
£ 72.97
(-10.00%) £ 65.67