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Snowbee Gold Head Daddy Fly Selection - SF115

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Snowbee Gold Head Daddy Fly Selection, 7 Flies.

Daddy Long Legs / Crane Flies, one of the most exciting flies to fish with. Trout go mad for them on rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Use them as a point fly, or on their own.  A huge mouthful to the trout, they are in abundance in the Autumn (albeit they are a great fly year round), they are often blown onto the water surface where your prey will quickly respond - Drop them on top of any obvious trout activity, or cast near the bank, under trees etc. If you prefer Dry Daddies, follow this link, Snowbee Dry Daddy Fly Selection

Snowbee Gold Head Daddy Fly Pack,  just one choice from the huge selection of Snowbee Fly Selections

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