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Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leaders

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Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leaders - all about finesse and stealth, the result of many years development, steadily tweaking to provide the perfect French Leader for your fly fishing.

Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leaders looking for perfect ‘turnover’, delicate presentation and precision casting, then Snowbee have again delivered with their Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leaders, available in two models, both tied using top quality copolymer, including camo coloured for extra stealth and elasticity, when using ultrafine tippets and extensions.
  • Hand tied and designed for the specialist river fly angler
  • Perfect turnover, delicate presentation and precision casting
  • High quality co-polymer with a camo coloured coating
  • 6 section constructions on both lengths
  • 1 leader supplied per pack

Snowbee 12ft French Style Knotted tapered, short 'Indicator' leader - KFL-12

Nymph/ Dry Fly, interchangeable - a 6-section, 12ft 6ins leader, tapering from a 0.55mm butt end, with a perfection loop, to clear 0.15 (approx, 4.1lb BS) at the tip. The first 4 sections use a high-elasticity, camo finish nylon, with a perfection loop at the tippet end, to which a 5th, 15cm section of Hi-Viz orange 'indicator' is attached. The final tippet length of clear. 0.15mm 4.1lb mono is then attached to the indicator and both can easily and quickly be changed or extended.

Snowbee 16ft French Style Knotted tapered leader - KFL-16

Nymph/Duo/Dry Fly - a 6-section 16ft tapered leader, tapering from a perfection loop finished butt end of 0.55mm Camo, down to 0.10 (approx 2.4lbs BS) clear mono at the top. The first 4 sections use high-elasticity, camo finish nylon, with the final 2 tip sections are in clear mono. 

Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leader range (One leader per pack):
 Model  Length  X Rating  Tip Diameter  Breaking Strain
 KFL-12  12 foot  5X  0.15mm  4.1lb
 KFL-16  16 foot  7X  0.10mm  2.4lb

Snowbee Knotted Tapered French Leaders, from the  Snowbee XS Leader & Tippet Material range of premium tackle.
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6320 Choice : 12ft French Style Knotted tapered leader - KFL-12
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6320 Choice : 16ft French Style Knotted tapered leader - KFL-16
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