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Snowbee Micro-Loop Connectors

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Snowbee Micro-Loop Connectors - designed to secure connection between your fly line and the leader, and backing line. Snowbee Loop Connectors come in three different sizes each designed to fit a range of lines sizes.

Snowbee Micro-Loop Connectors, a new range of Micro-Loops, allowing quick and easy attachment to fly lines. Made from a double layer of premium non frying braided nylon, with a thin wall and silicone sleeve, to lock in place.
The Micro loops are shorter than standard Snowbee Loop Connectors so are much easier and quicker to fit - Great for Competition fishing. The Micro-Loop connectors also have a much neater collar to slide down over the bare end once applied. They are not designed to be glued, however you can always add a little to the sleeve end before sliding the collar over once fitted, and to the loop itself where it tucks back into the sleeve. It isn't essential but may give better peace of mind.

Three different Snowbee Micro-Loop Connectors available:-
  • Trout – approx. 20lb BS – pack of 4 - MLC-T4               
  • Salmon – approx. 30lb BS – pack of 3 - MLC-S3
  • Jumbo – approx. 50lb BS – pack of 3 - MLC-J3
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