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Snowbee Onyx Fly Reel #5/7 +3 Spare Cassette Spools in Reel Case - 10538C-3

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Snowbee Onyx #5/7 Cassette fly reel comes in a Cassette Spool form, offering the convenience of a 'quick-change' cassette system, coupled with the cost saving of multiple spare spools. The fly reels cassette spools are moulded in a flexible polycarbonate, which allows them to 'flex' rather than crack under extreme strain. The generous backing capacity makes these reels ideal for both river fishing and small still waters. The Snowbee Onyx #5/7 Cassette fly reel is available as both an individual reel, or in a kit comprising a reel plus 3 spare cassette spools, all in a neat reel/ spool bag.
Snowbee Onyx #5/7 Cassette fly reel Specification: Diameter: 3.5" / 88mm Weight: 159g. Backing Capacity WF6F + 75yds 22lb PES

Snowbee Onyx Fly Reels Features:
  • CNC machine finished, die-cast aluminium frame and spool
  • Large arbor design
  • Extra hard paint finish for salt-water and chip resistance
  • Multi-disc cork and stainless steel centre drag system 
  • Easy left to right hand conversion
  • One-way roller clutch bearing
  • Stainless steel main spindle
  • Quick release spool. (Spare Spools Available)
  • Colour Choice, Black or Silver
Snowbee Onyx Fly Reels - The main reel frame and spool are made from lightweight, durable die-cast aluminium and finished on a precision CNC machine, so you get the best of both worlds – the finish, feel and precision of a CNC machined reel, but at a ‘die-cast’ price. The large arbor design gives faster line retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory.
Add to this a multi-disc, centre drag system and you have a fly reel which performs way above its expectations at this price level. The cork and stainless steel drag discs provide a smooth, powerful drag performance, with minimal start-up inertia, to avoid those ‘smash-takes’.
Snowbee Onyx Fly Reels come in a range of sizes from a tiny #3/4 model for the smallest brook rod, to a powerful #9/11 Salmon model. Both the #5/7 and #7/9 models come with an easy-change cassette spool system.
Customer reviews
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3723 - Colour Choice : Silver
See above.
D G.
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Having a little difficulty in changing spools.
Leonard H.
Thank you for your review. We will contact you.
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Very good value for money.
Adrian c.
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Problem changing the spare spool. It is not possible by hand, i am afraid of if i start to apply more force, that irreparable damage will occur. Would like to exchange it.
Best regards.
Aad de Lange.
Thank you for your review. It is very easy to change and is very similar to other reels. To help:-
- Press down on the black spool holder spindle in the middle of the spool with both thumbs whilst holding the cassette outer with all 8 fingers. 4 on each side.
- Push down very hard in the centre with both thumbs and it will pop off if pushed hard
- If very difficult the braid may have got wet, it can tighten on the spool.
- If it will not go back on, remove the line and backing from the cassette spool and place the empty spool in very hot almost boiling water for 10 mins or so and it will reform to its original shape when dry.

Hope this helps, please let us know how you get on.
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Very nice and light reel.
Leonard H.
Shopping Satisfaction
TOP MARK TO Troutcatcher 10 out of 10
Purchased to match my Snowbee Diamond? Fly Rod 9? also from Troutcather. Excellent reel, good quality build and a perfect match. Also Excellent service from Troutcatcher when the courier lost the delivery. TC was on the case and arrange a replacement straight away and kept me informed. TOP MARKS
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