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Snowbee Rubber Mesh Hand Trout Net - Large - 15117

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Snowbee Rubber Mesh Hand Trout Net - Large

 - Will handle big brown trout, plus sea-trout & grilse


These Rubber Mesh Hand Trout Landing Nets from Snowbee feature a lightweight tubular aluminium frame, offering strength and rigidity of which is fixed to a moulded nylon Y-piece, attached to the lightweight ABS plastic handle, with a non-slip, moulded finish.
Into the end of the handle is fitted a strong magnetic release, which is in turn fitted to a moulded ring and aluminium carabiner, for convenient and quick release, when required.
The 'rubber mesh' is a synthetic rubber, made from the latest, clear, moulded PVC, which is soft, lightweight and clear in the water, so as not to spook fish. Graduated mesh size to reduce water resistance. 

Snowbee Rubber Mesh Hand Trout Landing Nets, available in three different sizes:
Snowbee Rubber Mesh Hand Trout Nets - This unique new range feature the very latest USA-style, moulded synthetic rubber mesh for minimal scale damage when fishing ‘catch & release’ a most important consideration. Another great feature of using a rubber mesh landing net is the rubber coating helps prevents hook barbs catching in the mesh, which can be so annoying when you net a fish. And lastly you'll be delighted to find rubberised nets are easily cleaned, free from odour, and tend to be more durable when passing through undergrowth.

Snowbee Fishing Landing Nets - Land your fish safely with a quality fly fishing landing net. Choose from the extensive Landing Net range and  Landing Net Accessories. Spare rubber mesh available on request contact us for further information.