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Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line - Floating - SSF XS-Plus

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Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line - Floating - SSF XS

 - Designed for the traditional & progressive Salmon & Sea-Trout angler alike.

Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line -with continuous running line - Floating - the Snowbee Short Spey line have been designed to meet the demands of the modern salmon and sea-trout angler, fishing with a long or short double handed rod and for use in highly restricted areas, where the creation of a larger Spey loop is near impossible. By combining the best of the ‘Scandinavian underhand’ style of casting and ‘shooting head’ line technology, these lines have a perfectly smooth transition to the integral shooting head running line.
The short head of these Fly Lines load the rod really quickly for delivery at any range, saving time, and shoots like a dream but with the same powerful turnover of a traditional Spey fly line. The fast front taper is especially suited to fishing with the Snowbee Poly-Coated Leaders, together providing the perfect presentation for whatever fly may be selected and at whatever depth may be required to seek ‘resting’ or ‘running’ fish. 
Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted Snowbee Spey fly rod and fly reel, Save with the Snowbee Rod, Reel & Fly Line ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.

Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line features;
  • XS Fly lines, welded pre-looped both ends
  • Fly Line tagged which end to attach to Backing line (Backing line sold separate here)
  • Colour: Twin Colour Floating - Light Blue / Dark Blue
  • Nano Coating Technology (see below)
  • Head Length 44ft /13.5m
  • Running line & backing - 76ft / 23.4m 
  • Available - Floating - 24g #7/8, 36g #8/9, 40g #9/10
More Information Snowbee XS-Plus Fly Lines
Moving up from the ever-popular XS range, the Snowbee flagship XS-Plus range, will all be in two colour options, in a range of weight forward profiles, designed specifically for their specialist applications and will form the major group of Snowbee fly lines going forward. This will include all the specialist and distance casting fly lines.

Nano Coating Technology (NCT) have enabled Snowbee to produce the smoothest, most supple and longest lasting fly lines ever, in over 30 years’ experience of making fly lines. Snowbee "Nano-Coating”, introduced in 2015, took Snowbee lines onto a new level, but using even smaller nano sized particles, has resulted in an even smoother, silky surface finish, better than ever thought possible. Whether fishing floating or sub-surface, this new generation of XS & XS-Plus lines,  now has a finer, silky-finish and profile than ever before, helping them not only cast better, as they travel silently through the rod rings and cut cleaner through the air, but they are also more durable, increasing the life of your fly line.

Snowbee Short Spey Fly Line - Floating - SSF XS from the Award Winning range of fly lines from Snowbee

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
3750-Options : 24g - #7/8
I have been out twice with the new line and scandi rod. Still getting used to the new set up but the combination seems to work well and the line seems to represent good value in comparison with other equivalents.
Michael D.
Shopping Satisfaction
3750-3750-Options : 3750-24g - #7/8
Superb line for the Hardy Zephrus 12'6" fly rod.
Atle M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Just been out with my new line and I can''t believe the distance iam now getting, I can cast double my normal distance, the line floats out perfect with no kinks in the live. By far the best line I''ve ever got
David harrison Review collected by SoapBox