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Snowbee Smoker Cooker 19011

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Snowbee Smoker Cooker, this top selling Snowbee Smoker solves the problem of how to cook the catch!

Snowbee Smoker Cooker
, a generously sized Hot Smoker / Cooker constructed in Stainless Steel for easy cleaning & long life. The Snowbee Smoker Cooker will take 4 or 5 small Trout, or 2 large fish, headed & tailed. Complete with stand, 2 fuel pans with heat adjustment, cooking pan, lid with adjustable smoke vent, drip tray and grill. 
The Snowbee Smoker Cooker packs away neatly inside its own stand, for convenient storage or transport direct to the river bank! Take it on days out - camping - fishing - It is quick & efficient to hot smoke fish, meats, poultry, cheese etc. It Cooks AND Smokes in one process, so Smoked Fish is ready in as little as 15 minutes. Uses methylated spirit fuel (not supplied).
Snowbee Smoker Cooker size Size: 16½"x 10½"x 4½"

How to Smoke with your Snowbee Smoker Cooker

Always fancied the idea of Smoking Fish? Smoking is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways of enjoying fish and offers an alternative to the usual cooking methods.
If using a Snowbee Smoker Cooker for the first time, a few simple pointers: Firstly 2 important items, which may seem obvious
- 1. Before use remove the Blue Polythene film protection from the smoker trays. This is to prevent damage in transit and must be removed before use.
- 2. DO NOT use your Snowbee Smoker Cooker indoors, unless you plan to re-decorate in the near future!

The Snowbee Smoker Cooker is a "Hot" Smoker, which smokes and cooks at the same time. This process is completely different to that used on Salmon, which is a "Cold" smoking technique, which smokes, but does not cook the fish. It is important therefore to ensure sufficient time in the smoker to thoroughly cook the fish or meat (try chicken - it's great!).
Meth's' burners, we suggest you fill these about ½ full, which gives around 20 - 25 minutes burning time; sufficient for most smoking's. This can obviously be reduced, for small fish or fillets. In practice, we have found this quite sufficient for 3 or 4 small fish (3/4 - 1 lb.), gutted, but left whole, with head and tail on. For larger fish, in the 2 - 3 lb. size, it is normally necessary to head and tail them, simply to fit them into the Snowbee Smoker Cooker. It also helps to split them along the backbone and open them up, like a butterfly fillet, to allow the smoke and heat to penetrate. With larger fish, it pays to fillet them, or cut them into steaks, otherwise repeated meth's burner top-ups are required and by the time the fish is cooked, it is often over-smoked, with a rather pungent flavour. As with any cooking method, it is to some extent a matter of personal taste and so a degree of "trial & error" is necessary to determine what suits you. Some people like a strong smoke taste, whilst others prefer a lighter smoking. This can be regulated by the amount of Chippings you put in the smoker, but for general purposes we find that a good layer, sufficient to cover the bottom of the recessed tray works well for most applications. The English Oak Dust Snowbee supply has proved to be an excellent all-round choice. One of the most important aspects of smoking, particularly with fish, is the salt treatment beforehand, as this draws fluids from the cells of the fish by osmosis, which is then reversed during the cooking process, allowing the smoke flavour to penetrate the flesh. This can be achieved by either sprinkling the fish quite heavily with salt, or leaving the fish in a strong brine solution for about an hour. Both methods will achieve the same result and again it is down to personal preference. After brining, dry the fish as thoroughly as you can with kitchen towel, until it is tacky to the touch.
When it comes to smoking meats and poultry, the above instructions still apply, but it must be borne in mind that meats take a lot more cooking than fish, which actually begins cooking at temperatures as low as 30 degrees Celsius! This is particularly important with Chicken to ensure it is cooked through to the bone and either removing the flesh from the bone or cutting into smaller joints allows the heat to penetrate more easily. With regards Cheese, we have only attempted this once, with rather disastrous results. We placed a large block of cheddar on a saucer in the smoker and came back to find a congealed puddle of once molten cheese! We can only conclude that commercial smokers use a Cold Smoking technique for cheese! We hope the above is of some practical help, but should you have any other Snowbee Smoker Cooker queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Checkout some of our recipes. Happy smoking!
Customer reviews
Highly Recommend but works better with a stove rather than the awkward burners.
Campingaz bistro stove is perfect for it.
David H.
Bought it and it was delivered the following day
Very robust and easy to put together. A quality product
David Thomas Review collected by SoapBox
A surprise in every way!
We bbq a lot and this surprise gift is a great supplement. Quick, tasty and fun - and also a good conversation starter! Playing with more new recipes now.
Review collected by SoapBox
Brilliant service troutcatchers
Excellent product and it works. Brilliant for trout and mackerel
Review collected by SoapBox
An excellent smoker. with the oak dust it is the only way i eat my fish now.
paul watmuff Review collected by SoapBox
A gift from a wife who thought he had everything
A present from my wife and much appreciated by the whole family. Fresh mackrel from The Solent, into the smoker and on to the table, so quick and easy and enjoyed by every one of us, thank you.
Stuart Review collected by SoapBox
Very useful.
This smoker is very much smaller than our previous one, which our increasing ages had made burdensome. This is much quicker to get ready and smoked a few fillets very well indeed.
Mrs Moyra Elder Review collected by SoapBox