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Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Fishing Line - WFHI

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Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Fishing Line

 fishes slowly and evenly throughout its entire head length, offering exceptional control having first cut through the surface film.

Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Fishing Line, The super slow, uniform sink rate of this fly line is designed to ‘hang’ just sub-surface hence the name. Some slow sinking lines simply sink too quickly and fall below invisible fish, feeding just beneath the surface. Sink-tip lines can be an option but this ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Line fishes slowly and evenly throughout its entire head length, offering exceptional control having first cut through the surface film. The ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Fishing Line then sinks very slowly with continuing immense control and combines all the benefits of the Neutral Density and Kelly Blue lines before it. The delightful memory free finish, low stretch and super sensitive core with floating running line, keeps you in perfect touch and feel in all conditions. There is barely a line made today to match it. 
The XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted Snowbee fly rod and fly reel, Save with the Snowbee Rod, Reel & Fly Line ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.

Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Line features;
  • XS Fly lines, welded pre-looped both ends
  • Bottle of  Degreaser included (Silicone solvent which removes all traces of silicone or grease from the fly line, allowing it to cut quickly through the surface film and fish as the fly line was designed to do)
  • Instructions for line care / loading backing and line on to reel (Backing line sold separate here)
  • Fly Line tagged which end to attach to Backing line
  • Colour: Twin Colour Floating - Mustard/Ivory
  • Sink Rate 1-1.5ips
  • Nano Coating Technology (see below)
  • Weight Forward Profile, line length 90ft / 30yds / 27.4m
  • Available WF5 to WF8
More Information Snowbee XS-Plus Fly Lines
Moving up from the ever-popular XS range, the Snowbee flagship XS-Plus range, will all be in two colour options, in a range of weight forward profiles, designed specifically for their specialist applications and will form the major group of Snowbee fly lines going forward. This will include all the specialist and distance casting fly lines.

Nano Coating Technology (NCT) have enabled Snowbee to produce the smoothest, most supple and longest lasting fly lines ever, in over 30 years’ experience of making fly lines. Snowbee "Nano-Coating”, introduced in 2015, took Snowbee lines onto a new level, but using even smaller nano sized particles, has resulted in an even smoother, silky surface finish, better than ever thought possible. Whether fishing floating or sub-surface, this new generation of XS & XS-Plus lines,  now has a finer, silky-finish and profile than ever before, helping them not only cast better, as they travel silently through the rod rings and cut cleaner through the air, but they are also more durable, increasing the life of your fly line.

Snowbee XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate Fly Line from the Award Winning range of fly lines from Snowbee

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Shopping Satisfaction
324- Line Weight : WF5
Lovely line to use. Bit more expensive than what I'd usually pay for a fly line but you get what you pay for. Very happy with it.
Andrew Y.
Shopping Satisfaction
324-Select Line Weight Required: : 324-Clear Intermediate WF7
Yet to use in anger. All prepared on the spool ready for use.
Kim B.