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Snowbee XS-Plus Nymph Line Floating Uni-weight #2 - #5

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Snowbee XS-Plus Nymph Line Floating Uni-weight fly line, #2 - #5 a single 'uni-weight' line with mono core. A XS-Plus Nymph Floating Line, specifically designed with river nymphing in mind. It boasts a short 6ft front taper, reducing to a fine 0.55mm diameter tip. The long, level belly is a similarly slim 0.65mm diameter, before the matching 6ft back taper to make it fully reversible. Both tapers are high-viz orange in colour for optimum visibility and 'fine take' detection and feel. The reversible double taper line is 75ft in length and is micro-looped at both ends for finesse and immediate use.

Snowbee XS-Plus Nymph Fly Line 6ft front taper, 63ft belly, 6ft rear taper.
TOTAL LINE LENGTH - 75ft /25yds /22.9m

Tackle Testers Choice - Trout Fisherman March 2016

Snowbee XS-Plus 'Kelly-Blue' Intermediate Fly Line, has been developed using a combination of new technologies and products to produce something quite unique and exceptional on the market today.
This new, single 'multi-weight' fly line, is formed around a strong but supple monofilament core which has been 'primed' with a brand new bonding agent helping produce a fine but reliable core with no memory issues, previously characteristic of some earlier monofilament alternatives. This Monocore also allows the line to be very fine and supple, yet still have sufficient density to enable enough line speed to permit the use on a range of different weight rods. Unlike other conventional products, that rely upon the physical weight of the head to force its way through the air resistance when casting, 'Kelly-Blue' the slim profile easily cuts through the air even in windy conditions, providing the ultimate in presentation and permitting the range of rod options that it can be used with. Being fine and therefore relatively light in weight, makes the line ideal for the river fisherman but can also be used on Stillwaters and the thin 0.55mm running line means it will extend and extend for 'range casts' where needed too.
The finished coating, that makes up the bulk of the line, has been constructed using the New XS Nano Technology Coating (NTC). 'Kelly-Blue' is one of the first lines in the Snowbee range to incorporate this new feature although it will soon be a feature of the Majority of lines in the XS series. The new material consists of new, very fine, nano-sized particles used in the line coating to produce not only a typically supple 'Snowbee XS' feel to the line but also provides a smooth, slick finish for unprecedented 'shootability.' This new NTC finish also helps in construction of a more dense and efficient fly line even without the displacement characteristics of a thicker, less sophisticated product.