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Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line

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Thistledown Fly Line Choice: :

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Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line
  • Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line
  • Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line

Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line, two options now available, #2-#5 is designed for the river and light fishing on still waters and the Brand New #5 - #7 for heavier rods.

Thistledown Fly Line FeaturesZero memory issues, a finer but stronger core and more supple than ever before, the New #5/7 fly line is set to exceed the performance of even the best-selling and original #2/5 Thistledown!! Both ends are pre-looped with welded micro-loops, to maintain the line’s outstanding performance, so it's ready to go, straight from the box. 

The Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line how it all works... it states #2-5wt there really is only one single line that can and does function amazingly on all weight rods, whether they be a #2, #3, #4 or #5! Now there is also the single #5-#7wt line that again achieves the same.

It comes down to simple physics – the optimum diameter and profile creates hardly any drag when casting. That means the ‘load weight’ factor becomes less critical to casting performance and the nominated rod weight becomes less important in achieving the cast. The new and refined components for these Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Lines, being Core, Primer and Nano-Tec coating, combine to give the thinnest, most supple, weight forward profile possible. They still weigh very little but deliver incredible stealth and accuracy at the same time. The silky smooth finish and thin diameter means the fly line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action and delivers the fl y precisely where required, with minimum effort. Even across a gale force wind this line has been used to great effect and will cut through almost any breeze with its drag coefficient being so small.
Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line was primarily designed for river and light fishing on small still-waters but is now a regular companion on almost any application where an angler enjoys lightweight finesse, stealth and accuracy. For the heavier performance longer leader, heavier flies set up, associated with stillwater fishing, there is now the Thistledown² in the heavier #5-#7 option. Both the lines are two-tone in colour, Shamrock Olive head with Buckskin running line.

Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line Reviews & Feedback - Stunning results and beaming smiles were on faces when first testing at the launch of these lines as prototypes at EFTTEX (Best New Fly Line 2014 - 2015) in Belgium and later at the Tackle and Gun trade show in October 2014. "Super presentation, the tip is also finished with a tiny whipped loop, ready for a leader" - Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Review.

Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line Awards
Trout & Salmon Best in Test 2015 - Best New Fly Line EFFEX 2014 - Tackle Testers Choice trout fisherman 2015

Simon Kidd, Snowbee Sales & Marketing Manager and fly fishing England international talks about the New Snowbee XS Plus Thistledown Fly Line... "I first used a Snowbee XS line many years ago on the river Teign. It was like nothing I had used before, soft, supple, totally memory free and effortless to cast the fl y wherever I needed it. I then discovered there was a whole range of nearly 50 XS lines of similar superb quality. Suddenly my whole fly fishing experience became transformed... now today that technology has moved on yet again. The new Thistledown and its derivatives are quite extraordinary, marking the introduction of a whole new era in Snowbee fly line technology and performance”

Customer reviews
Thistledown Fly Line Choice: : Thistledown Floating WF2-5
Getting really good distance for a light line when used with Snowbee classic fly rod , presents fly really well.
Thistledown Fly Line Choice: : Thistledown Floating WF5-7
A new chapter in fly lines, lands on still water with much less disturbance than a conventional floater and therefore fish don't back away too far from your flies. You do notice the difference.
Thistledown Fly Line Choice: : Thistledown Floating WF2-5
Just what I wanted.
Haven't fished the line yet as it's closed season, but casts well over grass with different rated rods.
Excellent line handles well at all distances
I have used it once so far and found that it performed well with my 10ft weight 3 ? 4. I was able to cast to about 60 ? 70ft and also fish effectively with a 2.5m furled leader with about one rod length of line beyond the tip ring.
A new type of line
Dense, supple, slick but VERY light. I use it with a 3wt through action rod and would call it more a 2/3 wt than a 4/5 wt, but thats personal. Takes a bit of getting used to like all new things. And why don''t all lines have integrated loops of this size and neatness? Try it!