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Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line

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Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line

 - Posses all the famous Snowbee Nano-Tec fly line benefits, whilst withstanding the challenge of the saltwater environment, both in the searing heat of the tropics, and also when targeting bass / pollack in our UK temperate waters.

Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line, 120ft floating line with a 41ft head and extended tapers front and back, designed to aid quick and accurate casting when targeting moving fish, with minimal delay and in whatever wind conditions may prevail. The front taper helps secure a good turnover across a wide range of flies, each with varying weight and sizes necessary for the species being pursued. This fly line is therefore ideal when ‘sight fishing’ for bonefish, permit or jacks etc. where a smooth and quiet ‘lay-down’ of the fly is so often required. The colour change at the back of the head, indicates the precise, optimum shoot point, which together with the fine running line, makes distance casting effortless when targeting fish at range. 
The XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted Snowbee fly rod and fly reel, Save with the Snowbee Rod, Reel & Fly Line ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.

Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line features;
  • XS Fly lines, welded pre-looped both ends
  • Fly Line tagged which end to attach to Backing line (Backing line sold separate here)
  • Colour: Twin Colour Floating - Light Blue/Aqua
  • Weight Forward Profile, line length 120ft / 40yds / 36.6m - Front Taper 7ft - Belly 25ft - Rear Taper 10ft - Running Line 78ft
  • Available WF #7, 8, 9 10
Snowbee Premium XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater Fly Lines - covering all the options required by the progressive saltwater fly fisher.
In the past, fly fishing manufacturers have relied upon a stiff, monofilament core to prevent their saltwater fly lines going limp and sticky in tropical conditions. By careful manipulation of the Snowbee ‘Nano Technology’ coating material, Snowbee have now developed a harder coating for these particular lines, which means they still possess all the Nano-Tec benefits but are also able to withstand the rigours of the saltwater environment, especially in the searing heat of the tropics and on the deck of a skiff, awaiting the perfect cast. These properties also allow these fly lines to be equally at home, targeting bass and pollack in UK temperate waters.

More Information Snowbee XS-Plus Fly Lines
Moving up from the ever-popular XS range, the Snowbee flagship XS-Plus range, will all be in two colour options, in a range of weight forward profiles, designed specifically for their specialist applications and will form the major group of Snowbee fly lines going forward. This will include all the specialist and distance casting fly lines.

Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Fly Line from the Award Winning range of fly lines from Snowbee

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