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Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line - WFI

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Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line - Exactly the same design and profile as the 90ft XS floating fly lines, both cast superbly, and each performing according to their density make up.

Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line - WFI - a great fly line for moderate cast distances on any matching weight of fly rod, and built to the same exacting standards as all the Snowbee XS Nano fly lines, BUT providing a cost saving as only in single colour and the standard 90ft length.
The XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line combines the original Snowbee Kelly Blue and Clear Intermediate into one fly fishing line of which has produced a fly line of effortless, slick casting ability, being exactly the same as the traditional XS floating in profile. Distance and presentation are therefore guaranteed, at a sink rate ideal to reliably search the water from the surface down, especially with lures, damsels and other mobile patterns. A hugely versatile fly line, great for loch style fishing from the boat or accurately exploring all holding spots from the bank, without the need for a massive clear back-cast when space is tight. Great in the wind too in a neutral Aqua shade, to hunt beneath the surface and find fish cruising or holding lower down but not necessarily on the bottom.
Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted Snowbee fly rod and fly reel, Save with the Snowbee Rod, Reel & Fly Line ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.

Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line features;
  • XS Fly lines, welded pre-looped both ends
  • Sink rate 2.5ips (Inch per second)
  • Fly Line tagged which end to attach to Backing line (Backing line sold separate here)
  • Colour - Aqua
  • Nano Coating Technology (see below)
  • Total Line Length - 90ft/ 30yds 27.4m
  • Front taper 8.5ft - Belly 23ft - Rear taper 11ft - Running line 47.5ft  
  • Available - Intermediate - WF5 to WF8
More Information Snowbee XS Fly Lines
Designed by Snowbee over 30 years ago and still reputedly the best traditional fly line on the market today.
The secret behind the legendary performance of the Snowbee XS Fly Lines has been the unique coating formula and profile, in conjunction with the classic low-stretch core, producing the most supple and memory free performance the line is renowned for. Many have tried and failed to replicate this formula, but there is still only one ‘original’ Snowbee XS fly line.
Over the years there have been minor changes in production and the Snowbee Nano-Technology is a winning formula across the range with its unmistakable profile and suppleness. In using this new technology, Snowbee have refined the original formula and manufacturing techniques to enhance the already superb, supple, memory-free performance so loved by fly fishers worldwide.

Nano Coating Technology (NCT) have enabled Snowbee to produce the smoothest, most supple and longest lasting fly lines ever, in over 30 years’ experience of making fly lines. Snowbee "Nano-Coating”, introduced in 2015, took Snowbee lines onto a new level, but using even smaller nano sized particles, has resulted in an even smoother, silky surface finish, better than ever thought possible. Whether fishing floating or sub-surface, this new generation of XS & XS-Plus lines,  now has a finer, silky-finish and profile than ever before, helping them not only cast better, as they travel silently through the rod rings and cut cleaner through the air, but they are also more durable, increasing the life of your fly line.

Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line from the Award Winning range of fly lines from Snowbee

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