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Stonfo Profile Plate STF542

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Stonfo Profile Plate for your fly tying Vice.

Stonfo Profile Plate STF542 - Swivel site board, double colour black and white for your fly tying. The Stonfo Profile Plate is equipped with a magnetic rest device that swivels 180° for a quick change of non- reflective colour. Fits vices with a stem 8-10 mm Ø.


Note: Pack contains 1 x Stonfo Profile Plate a magnetic rest device - Picture for illustration showing vice, bobbin holder etc. which is not included.



Stonfo Profile Plate STF542, just one of over 6,000 quality Fly Tying Materials & Fly Tying Tools in stock.


Customer reviews
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Great product. Makes a huge difference when tying.
Mary R.
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Very Good, quality product, no issues.
Steven C.
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Great item.
Brian r.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fixes as described, can now focus on fly instead of background.
Hilary w.