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Turrall Fly Pod Kennick Killer Selection - FPOD31

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Turrall Fly Pod Kennick Killer Selection, an irresistible fly to trout, Ultra Violet filaments run through the fritz body with sparse crystal flash and nomad style head. A Kennick Killer for every situation, the flies have been dressed with only the very best quality materials and hooks available giving a robust and reliable fly that will catch fish time after time after time! Best fished slowly on an intermediate or slow sinking line from a boat or sink tip from the bank. Try them you will not be disappointed!!
Turrall Fly Pod Kennick Killer Selection contains 22 Killers of Regular Gold Head, Unweighted and Tungsten Flies.
Customer reviews
Great product good value.
Christine d.
thought I could tie flies until I purchased these, (back to tying school for me) brill selection, good price and fast delivery, well done you.
stan scott Review collected by SoapBox
Well Recieved.
The Kennet Killers were my first order and were well tied and the fly pod meant that they arrived in good condition.
No reflection of the flies but when I visited my local trout water where no fish were being caught the Kennet Killer trial was no more successful!
Bob. Review collected by SoapBox
Turrall kenic killers
as yet I,ve not used them but I will say this firt the order delivery was very quick the killers ,really well tied and I think that when i do use them im expecting great results good price and the fly pod an extra bonus
john lightfoot Review collected by SoapBox