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Turrall Premium Fresh Water Fly Tying Kit

Turrall Premium Fresh Water Fly Tying Kit

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Turrall Premium Fresh Water Fly Tying Kit - This is Turrall award-winning fly tying kit with tools packed into a 250mm x 350mm x 75mm ABS plastic carrying case.

The Turrall Premium Fresh Water Fly Tying Kit is an ideal budget starter kit with all the basics you need to get up and running (Full list below), you can then grow your material and tool collection as you grow in to your hobby. The kit includes basic instructions, though if starting right from scratch we would recommend a 'Beginners Fly Tying Book' such as the 'The Feather Bender's Flytying Techniques' or equivalent, or / and use the extensive free videos available on the web.

Turrall Premium Fresh Water Fly Tying Kit contents include:
  • Full Natural Cock Cape,
  • Selected Cock Hackles (variety of popular colours),
  • Turkey Marabou,
  • Red Ibis,
  • Cock Pheasant Tippet,
  • Peacock Herl
  • Grey Mallard Flank
  • Hen Pheasant Quill
  • Duck Quills (Variety of popular colours)
  • Calf Tail
  • Wool
  • Seal’s Fur Substitute (variety of popular colours), 
  • Sparkle Chenille
  • Medium Chenille (variety of popular colours)
  • Flash Chenille
  • Fritz,
  • Polywing
  • Holographic, Maraflash
  • Crinkleflash
  • Flashabou Dubbing,
  • x4 Colour Floss, 
  • x4 Reels pre-waxed Tying Thread
  • Tinsel – Gold & Silver
  • Clear & Black Varnish, 
  • Scissors, Hackle Pliers, Dubbing Needle, Bobbin Holder, Vice, Beads, 
  • Variety of 72 Hooks (in 9 popular types and sizes), 
  • Illustrated colour instructions
The only other thing we would recommend to the above, but not essential is a Whip Finisher & Bobbin threader. If you need any help or advise, please dont hesitate in contacting us.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Great beginner kit with a wide verity of materials and equipment to get yourself started. All good quality and a great way to get started would definitely recommend.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nice kit, good mix of products. Fast delivery also.
Sinead H.
Shopping Satisfaction
The thread bobbins are quite small, also the ends of some of the threads were difficult to locate. The individual booklets which came with the kit were very basic and not that informative. In my opinion I think the kit was quite expensive for what it contained. However, if you want a portable kit for example, going on holiday, short breaks etc this may fit the bill.
R G.