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Veevus Power 240 Denier Thread

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Veevus Power 240 Denier Thread, from Denmark, this is a super strong 240 denier Polyester fly tying thread.Veevus 240 Denier Thread- A good thread for smooth heads on larger flies and tying bulky materials, such as hairs and wool, on larger fly patterns. Ideal for when you require a super strong thread and need something that grips much better than GSP as this will lay 100% flat. - This thread is strong enough to spin deer hair with! V240 is also a good substitute for floss.
Veevus Power 240 Denier Thread available in 10 popular colours - 75mt
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Colour: : FL Fire Orange
Excellent thread.
Julie B.t.
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Colour: : White
A fantastic product,very strong.If you did not use it for fly tying,I'm sure you could cut cheese with it.
Michael W.