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Veniard Starter Tool Kit

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Veniard Starter Tool Kit, a great budget starter kit of fly tying tools, a major seller for well over a decade, serving thousands of tiers!

Veniard Starter Tool Kit contains the following fly tying tools: Bobbin Threader, Scissors, Bodkin, Hackle Pliers, Spigot Bobbin Holder and Whip Finish Tool. If you are looking for a Starter Kit that contains a Vice, choose the Veniard Beginners Tool Kit. Once you have started to master the art of fly tying, you can then gradually upgrade your tool collection from our comprehensive Fly tying tool range suitable for every budget.

Veniard Starter Tool Kit just one of a large range of Fly Tying Kits available.
Customer reviews
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Great quality kit with everything I needed to get started with tying some flies.
Daniel S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Decent quality basic set.
Paul H.
Shopping Satisfaction
I'm very satisfied.
Shopping Satisfaction
Scissors are poor, bobbin holer is so tight the thread breaks. I expected much better from a Veniard product.
Rob K.
Thank you for your review. This however seems totally out of sync with other reviews & feedback we have received, & if contacted could have helped you.
Ref the bobbin holder,it could be a bobbin holder issue, any tiny snag or imperfection can cause the thread to snap, however we have never a complaint, so do not think this is the cause, but it is not impossible. If it is, happy to exchange.
Not sure what type of thread you are using, if old or really thick may cause issue, try a different range it may be this as the cause. The most common issue when tying is make sure you are not nicking the thread on the hook point when making turns. Also you could try bending the metal arms outwards, so releasing some of the tension on the thread, this should cause less abrasion to the thread.
With the scissors, again without information difficult to diagnose, and we need to understand what you are trying to cut.
Shopping Satisfaction
I needed to replace some items in my kit and this did the job.
Rob C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality.
Arne-Hakon F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Glad I got it.
Tiberiu P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good value for money product for a beginner that wants to try out fly tying without breaking the bank.
Lee H.