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Wychwood Boat Seat

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Wychwood Boat Seat – Are you a fly fishing angler in search of comfort, support, and convenience during those long fishing boat hours? Look no further than the Wychwood Boat Seat! Crafted with precision and designed to meet the needs of trout and other anglers

The Wychwood boat seat features

a compact, fold-away design for easy storage and transport. The 

aluminium boat seat

offers maximum strength and durability. Enjoy excellent comfort and stability with its comfortable mesh seat and high rest back. Perfect for all-day use on your boat. Fits most boats and thwart boards.

Wychwood Boat Seat - Key Benefits

  • Excellent comfort and durability - The Wychwood Boat Seat is meticulously designed to provide you with the utmost comfort. Its ergonomic shape ensures that you can fish for hours without feeling fatigued allowing you to concentrate on your angling.
  • Robust Aluminium Construction: Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, light and corrosion resistant. This boat seat is built to withstand the elements and the wear and tear of angling. The Wychwood Boat Sea designed to last, ensuring you can enjoy countless fishing trips.
  • Adjustable Straps: With adjustable straps, this seat can be easily secured to most boats and thwart boards, or any other angling platform. You'll have peace of mind knowing it won't slip or move during your fishing adventures.
  • Quick Drainage: The mesh seat and back panel are designed to drain water quickly, so you stay dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.
  • Comfortable Boat Seat

    : Seat frame is approx 46 x 40cm and the backrest 48 x 40cm of which sits approx 10cm above the base clamp giving a comfortable, raised seating position for easy fish spotting.
  • Fish behind you! Enjoy 360-degree rotation for optimal positioning.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Wychwood Boat Seat is a breeze to clean and maintain, so you can keep it in excellent condition for your next fly fishing trip season after season.
  • Foldable Boat Seat

    - Compact and Portable: With its fold-away design, the Wychwood Boat Seat is incredibly easy to store and very light to transport, only 2kg giving convenience and freedom.
Wychwood Boat Seat - Fitting

Whether you're into fly fishing, lure fishing, or any other angling pursuit, the Wychwood Boat Seat is your trusted companion on the water.