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Snowbee XS Travel Bag + Stowaway Case combo - 16447/8

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Snowbee XS Travel Bag + Stowaway Case Combo

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Snowbee XS Travel Bag should hold all an angler needs for a 2-week fishing trip. The base compartment is designed to take 4 pce travel rods up to 10ft, plus wading boots, stocking foot waders, reels, fly boxes & a vest or wading jacket. The upper compartments have ample room for all clothing, shoes etc. and all in a great looking modern bag. The design also incorporates two lockable end compartments, each with flexible, over-size nylon liners. This allows the entire length of the top compartment to be filled at the start of the trip and as time goes by, dirty clothing can be stored in the end compartments, by extending the liners into the main compartment, keeping all clean & dirty gear permanently separated.
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Snowbee XS Stowaway Travel Case to complement the new Snowbee XS Travel Bag, which fits neatly into the base compartment of the Travel Bag, making the perfect luggage partner and providing a "Day Case" to take separately once you reach your destination. Not just a travel bag though, this accessory will make the ideal "day-bag" to carry all ones rods, reels, fly-boxes, tippet & accessories. Easily stored under the cross thwarts in a boat for example, whilst still maintaining the convenience of quick and easy access when required.
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Bought this to store kit which was scattered all over the place - the stowaway case is great for taking a day's gear and the travel bag is ideal for weekends away fishing. Have used one for rivers and lakes and the stowaway for my saltwater kit. Expensive but rugged.
Nick P.