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C.D.C - Cul de Canard Fly Tying Feathers

C.D.C - Cul de Canard Fly Tying Feathers at Troutcatchers

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CDC Super Select Combo Packs
CDC Super Select Combo Packs - Mixed packets of 4 colours of Selected CDC. 20 feathers per colour.

- No.1 Pack: Natural Grey, Olive, Fiery Brown, Light Dun
- No. 2 Pack: Khaki, White, Yellow, Silver Grey
£ 9.87
Veniard 1G CDC Packs Dyed & Natural
Veniard 1g CDC Packs Dyed & Natural, new Colours in bulk packs of this wonder feather. As per the Grey & White totally unsorted feathers so a complete mix of CDC sizes is guaranteed. The new CDC colours are superb for natural imitation patterns.
Veniard 1g CDC Packs Dyed & Natural available with a choice of 7 colours.
£ 8.57
Marc Petitjean CDC Packs
Marc Petitjean Cul de Canard Packs CDC - 1 gram packs of CDC. These Marc Petitjean CDC packs come in a variety of colours.
CDC, a light, soft fly tying material, but with tough strong fibers. Semi-translucent, flies tied with CDC have more life-like quality than flies tied with other more opaque materials. Highly aerodynamic: when cast, the Marc Petitjean CDC collapses but, at the end of the cast it expands acting as a parachute as the fly descends to the water, therefore making casting easier and fly presentation more delicate.
£ 10.57
Cul De Canard CDC Super Select
Cul De Canard CDC Super Select - CDC has been the fly tying feather over the last few years. Gland feathers-15 small & 15 large 30 CDC feathers in each pack
£ 4.07
Barred CDC
Barred CDC from Veniard has all the great floatation and life like qualities you have come to know and love in standard CDC just add the barring for a contrasting and attracting look. A Natural CDC with man made barring, will emulate movement. Great for hackles, legs and even wings.
£ 4.27