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Bucktail Fly Tying Fur

Bucktail Fly Tying Fur - Troutcatchers

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Buck Tail Mixed Packet
Buck Tail Mixed Packet - 6 pieces of popular colours of Bucktail from Veniard. Bucktails hugley popular fly tying material for Salmon patterns on large singles, tubes, Waddingtons etc. However it is also a very versatile material for trout flies. The Buck Tail Mixed Packet is ideal to get a small selection of colours, however both whole and half tails of Bucktail are available.
£ 7.97
Bucktail Whole
Bucktail Whole - Quality whole Bucktails from Veniard, which have a huge variety of uses and is the standard winging material for large Streamers, Salmon and Saltwater. A medium to coarse hair of approx.100-125 mm in length.
Note: These are not a colour extracted Bucktail, but they have been expertly tanned and dyed to eliminate oil and unpleasant smells. They are a natural product dyed, and therefore the central part of the Bucktail will be darker than the external fur. The Natural White Bucktail is what is says, natural so whole Bucktail is not 100% white, again the middle will be natural brown.
Bucktail available in natural and dyed colours.
£ 11.97
Half Buck Tails
Half Buck Tails - Piece of Buck tail equivalent to half a full tail.
Note picture shows whole bucktails.
£ 8.47