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Cobblers Wax

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Veniard Fly Tying Cobblers Wax

- Brand New - Veniard Dark Brown Cobblers Wax – the time-honoured choice for enhancing thread durability and adding a rich, dark hue to your fly patterns.

Veniard Fly Tying Cobblers Wax Key Features:
  • Colour Enhancement: Cobblers wax dark brown, can be used to add a realistic and attractive hue to the fly patterns. This is particularly valuable when imitating natural insects or aquatic creatures, as the right colour can make the fly more appealing to fish.
  • Thread Strengthening: Cobblers wax is known for its ability to strengthen and reinforce fly tying threads. When applied to the thread, it provides additional durability, preventing breakage while tying flies. This is especially important when tying flies with delicate materials or for targeting larger, stronger fish.
  • Improved Grip: The wax provides an improved grip between the tying thread and the materials being used, such as feathers, fur, or synthetic fibers. This enhanced grip ensures that materials stay securely in place while tying, preventing them from slipping or unraveling.
  • Versatility: Fly tyers appreciate cobblers wax for its versatility. It can be used with a variety of tying materials and for different types of flies, from dry flies to nymphs and streamers. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for both beginner and experienced fly tyers.
  • Ease of Application: Applying cobblers wax is a straightforward process. The wax is in solid form and can be easily rubbed onto the tying thread. It adheres well and doesn't require any special tools or techniques, making it accessible to tyers of all skill levels.
  • Time-Tested Tradition: Many fly tyers appreciate the traditional aspect of using cobblers wax. It connects them to the long history of fly tying and the methods used by generations of anglers before them.
In summary, cobblers wax is favoured by fly tyers for its ability to strengthen threads, improve material grip, enhance fly colouration, versatility, ease of use, and its connection to fly tying traditions. These advantages collectively contribute to the creation of durable, attractive, and effective fly patterns that can entice fish and improve angling success.
One Cobblers Wax block per pack sold by troutcatchers (Pictures shows two, one packed, one unpacked)
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