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Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line

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Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line

 to be fished in the top two feet of water over weed beds and along shorelines when pupa, emergers or actively swimming nymphs bring trout up.

Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line – the most versatile stillwater fly line you'll ever need. Designed to excel in various fishing scenarios, this line empowers you to fish your flies in the surface film, target the upper water column, or even pull streamers over weeds.
With its well-thought-out design, the Camo Tip 7 features a 20ft. body and a short 4ft. rear taper. This combination offers precise loop control and exceptional accuracy, allowing you to make pinpoint casts with ease. The 7ft. front taper effortlessly turns over nymphs and small streamers, ensuring a seamless presentation every time.
Incorporating Cortland's signature Shooting Technology, this fly line boasts a slick and quick shooting finish. It enables smooth line release and effortless distance casting, enhancing your overall fishing experience. You'll appreciate how the line shoots effortlessly through the guides, allowing you to achieve maximum distance effortlessly.
The Camo Tip 7 is built in true line size, meaning your rod will never feel overloaded during casting. You can confidently push your casting limits without compromising on performance. The clear camo tip of this line is incredibly stealthy, helping you deceive even the most cunning fish. With its camouflage-like properties, it allows for a more natural presentation and increases your chances of fooling your target.
For your convenience, the line is equipped with dual welded loops, making rigging a breeze. You can easily attach leaders, tippets, and other accessories, saving you time and effort on the water.
With the Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line in your arsenal, you'll have the versatility, control, and stealth needed to tackle various stillwater fishing scenarios. Whether you're fishing in the surface film, targeting the upper water column, or pulling streamers over structure, this line is your reliable companion for success on the water.

Note: Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line was previously marketed as the 

Cortland Denny Rickards 7′ Clear Camo Tip Fly Line.

It is the exact same fly line that was designed by top American nymphing expert, Denny Rickards.

Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line features:
  • Water: Freshwater
  • Line: Intermediate / Floating
  • Length: 90ft
  • Core: Monofilament
  • 7ft Clear Camo Intermediate Tip
  • Floating Running Line
  • Sink Rate 1.5 - 2 IPS
  • Weight Forward
  • Box contains fly line including sticker showing which end to attach the backing line.
  • All packaging spools that hold the fly line are bio degradable and recyclable.
  • Detailed description of the taper, running line and overall length printed on box.
  • Cortland Fly Lines guarantee against manufacturing default.
  • Welded Loops
  • Five popular weights stocked, #5, #6, #7
Cortland Fly Lines along with their Cortland Micron Fly Line Backing make a perfect set up. Don't forget to keep your Cortland Fly Line in top condition with the Cortland Fly Line Cleaner Lubricated Pads to help maximise casting, and protect your investment.

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Option : : WF #7 I/F
Good line very easy to cast .
Alexander M.