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Drogues & accessories can be purchased by making your selections from our comprehensive catalogue below.
Wychwood Competition Drogue & Clamps
Wychwood Competition Drogue comes complete with 3inch clamps, the Competition drogue can be used to direct the boat on a drift, whilst considerably slowing down the drift in high wind situations increasing your fishing time in the correct zones and hitting those hotspots longer.
£ 54.99
(-9.13%) £ 49.97
Wychwood Drogue Clamps
Wychwood Drogue Clamps are supplied as a pair, allowing for easy fixing of drogues to almost any freshwater fishing vessel via either the boat gunnels or various other locations. The Drogue Clamps have a self-locking design, they provide a high-strength fixing point for most drogues. The clamps can also help determine the drift of the boat.
Wychwood Drogue Clamps Features:
- High strength self-locking clamps
- Sturdy attachment points for drogues
- Easy-release mechanism
- Wide 3" opening
£ 14.99
(-13.48%) £ 12.97
Wychwood Drogue Ropes
Wychwood Drogue Ropes, a pair of low visibility rot-proof drogue ropes measuring 6m in length. Featuring C-Clip attachments at adjacent ends for easy application to current drogues, plus securing to the boat when drifting.Wychwood Drogue Ropes Features:- Low visibility, rot-proof ropes- Minimal stretch, great strength- 6m length (x2)- C-Clip fixings on both ends
£ 12.27