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Gummy Minnow Kits

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Gummy Minnow Kits fly tying material

 supplied to troutcatchers from Veniard, an outstanding fly tying material.

Gummy Minnow Kits from Veniard, tie your Gummy Minnow with this pre-cut, flexible and adhesive material (a thin silicone sheet, with adhesive back). The preformed Gummy Minnow patch replicates perfectly the real minnows shape, size and feel. Complete with realistic eyes and an iridescent almost transparent appearance, these baitfish imitations are sure to grab the attention of large predatory saltwater and freshwater fish. Just tie your underbody / gut with either weight or foam and then mould the preformed Gummy Minnow patch over your hook. You will find 3 patches per Gummy Minnow packet with a choice of colours, blue, green and grey, sizes, 2 (large), 4 (medium) and 6 (small).

Gummy Minnow Kits
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