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Fishing Sunglasses Accessories

Enhance Your Vision and Style with Premium Fishing Sunglasses Accessories from troutcatchers
Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier - 18063
Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier, this innovative device provides +2.5 magnifications just where and when it's needed, for changing flies etc. So you never have to worry about where your spectacles are!!
When the Snowbee Cap-Peak Clip-On Magnifier is not required, it simply flips up under the peak of a cap and is virtually undetectable.
£ 15.97
(-10.00%) £ 14.37
Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses
Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses, Undoubtedly the neatest Clip-on Adjuster Sunglasses we have ever seen! The Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses weigh just 4.8gram, the lightweight, frameless lenses, fit over your spectacles using an innovative centre spring tensioner. Simply position the two rubberised clips at one end over the lens of your glasses, extend the centre spring to clip the other end, over the opposite lens and release. The centre spring tensioner will hold firmly in position. These Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses are so light you won’t even know you’re wearing them! Fitted with the TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses, as the Snowbee Prestige Sunglasses for superb polarisation and outstanding optical clarity.

Snowbee Clip-on Spring Adjuster Sunglasses two lens options and two sizes.
- Smoke
- Amber
- Small: Lens sizes 54mm  x 33mm.
- Large: Lens sizes 59mm x 38mm.
£ 24.99
(-20.09%) £ 19.97
Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses
Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses, a conventional Sunglasses design using a standard clip-on and flip-up when not in use mechanism. These Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses are available in large lens size, 59mm x 38mm.

Snowbee Clip-on Sunglasses two lens options.
- Smoke
- Amber

£ 18.97
(-10.00%) £ 17.07
Snowbee Clip-On Magnifier
Snowbee Clip-On Magnifier, Snowbee designed these for the angler who only requires magnifier glasses for close up work, the Snowbee Clip-on Magnifiers will fit any sunglasses and are +2.5 magnification. A simple flip-up mechanism allows them to be flipped-up on your normal glasses when not required, where they are unobtrusive and virtually undetectable... these Snowbee Clip-On Magnifiers are out of the way until you need them.
£ 15.97
(-10.00%) £ 14.37
Snowbee Silicone Eyewear Retainer 19432
Snowbee Silicone Eyewear Retainer - Two silicone rubber end tubes push onto almost any style of sunglasses and grip firmly. Attached to these are twin stainless wires coated with silicone, and joined by two rubberised sliders, so the Retainer can be adjusted to fit any head size. Providing a firm fit behind the head, this ingenious accessory is suitable for any active sport where you need Never lose a pair of fishing sunglasses again!
£ 4.97
(-10.00%) £ 4.47