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Fly Fishing Scissors

Explore Our Collection of Fly Fishing Scissors - Precision Cutting Tools for Fly Anglers. High-quality fly tying blades and durable line cutters for every fishing need.
Veniard Tungsten Carbide Scissors
Veniard Tungsten Carbide Scissors, according to Veniard fly tying consultants; these are some of the finest fly-tying scissors available on the market today. As one of the most important purchases a tier makes these scissors cut with great precision and smoothness, and should last a lifetime.
Tungsten Carbide Scissors come with a black handle and silver blades; this is one fly tying tool that you should not be without!
£ 16.57
Tough Point Scissors
Tough Point Scissors - A larger more robust version of our best selling Fine point scissors from Veniard. These Tough Point Scissors are perfect for tougher jobs.
£ 16.57
Gold Loop Razor Scissors
Gold Loop Razor Scissors - 4" Fine-point Scissors from Veniard. Serrated "razor sharp’ blades and screw adjustment for critical tensioning.
£ 20.07
Veniard Solingen Scissors
Veniard Solingen Scissors - Available in straight or curved. Solingen Scissors are Veniard basic fly tying scissors.
£ 5.87